Alerts Open Fullscreen video

That appears to be an outdated version of the App. Please update your App and proceed with the instructions previously sent.

Unless yall pushed an update today, as previously stated Im on the latest version 5.14.1 (see screenshot). For the sake of troubleshooting after i saw your post from last week, yesterday I uninstalled the app, refreshed and restarted my ipad, then reinstalled the app.

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Click the toggle in the upper right corner and go to ‘Alerts Open Full Screen’, toggle on.

Jennifer, for the third time. The option is not in that screen. Here is another screen shot after reinstalling the app a second time just now, just for you. This general settings is what I get when I click the gear in the top right corner of the device page. This is the entire point, the feature has vanished since y’all attempted to fix the issue in the OP and based on other users feedback I’m clearly not the only one experiencing this.

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Hi Jennifer,

i don’t recognise the route you describe below…

‘Ring Device’s page in the app > tap “Device Settings” tile > tap “Alert Settings” > notification preferences > in app notifications toggle’

I am on iOS app ver 5.14.1 and have no “device settings” tile at all for any Ring models I have.,

On my RVD1, SUC1 and PRO models I can get to a “device settings” page by selecting the small cog symbol at the top right… on this screen there is a “full screen option”.

On my SWCW and SUC2W this same cog symbol shows a “General settings” page. This has no “full screen” option.

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FWIW, I concur - after installing Door View Cam yesterday and the current iOS app, I cannot see how to have video open full screen automatically (which I desire). All I’ve found is an option about what happens in case of in-app.

For different doorbell on Android app, I have run across that full screen setting from time to time. But have not seen it for Door View Cam.

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Thank you for this feedback, neighbors. I’d like to apologize for the confusion. I talked to the app team and would like to clarify that this is on a slow roll out. Be on the look out for the update and thank you for your patience.

@DougHo keep in mind, In-App Notification will allow you to obtain the ‘alerts open on full screen’ feature. Simply toggle the ‘In-App Notification’ off and you should receive a pop up that says “Show fullscreen live video when Alerts are received?”, click “OK”. Now, when you are in the app and receive a notification, this should bring it directly up in full screen vs an in-app notification that you would first need to click on to then bring it to fullscreen. Hope this helps!


Jennifer - I’ve had in-app notification toggled off and don’t see anything about full-screen possibility for my Door View Cam. After your message I tried toggling in-app on and off again, but that does not cause any additional option you describe.

What affects the slow roll-out, is it not given to new devices (Door View Cam), or not given to customers on Protect Plus, or what? It seems like the roll-out is something other than the app version number. It would be nice if we could find info to support ourselves, instead of having to ask questions (the open full screen setting is mentioned last year, it should be nothing new).

Note: when attempting to post this I got an error from your server, below is the detail as requested.

Your request failed. Please contact your system administrator and provide the date and time you received the error and this Exception ID: 37FF74E2.


Hi @DougHo , if you have the “In-App Notification” feature toggled off, this is the same as having the previous full-screen feature toggled on. It is the same feature as before, the wording has just been updated. The updated feature works as described in the two bullet points below.

  • "In-App Notification” toggled off - if you have the Ring app open and an event occurs with your Door View Cam, Live View will begin streaming.
  • “In-App Notification” toggled on - a notification bar would show while you have the app open, which you could tap to open Live View or ignore and continue in the app.

If you need additional assistance with this new feature. Please try giving our support team a call at 800-656-1918, they would be happy to help!

Regarding the error message you received on the Community, please begin a separate post in the Community board if this occurs again. Thank you for being a great neighbor!

Latest ios update last night to 5.15.0 did not resolve the issue. I would share screenshot but there’s no point, everything is identical.

Hello @TechGuy42, it would best for you to connect with our support team. They are available 24/7 and would be happy to take a further look into this for you, you can reach them at 800-656-1918.

Has anyone made any progress with this? Support was clueless about this issue

There may be some confusion here… maybe we can confirm agree that not all device models have the same options.

iOS app version 5.15.0

On the Settings screen for an installed Ring Device the small cog in the top right displays either ’‘General Setting” or ”Device settings” depending on the model. This would seem to be inconsistent.

For models where:

  • “Device Settings” are shown, there is a ‘Notifications Open full screen video’ toggle.

  • “General Settings” are shown, there is no toggle and nowhere to set it?

note: the ‘Notifications Open full screen video’ setting seems to be Global, not for an individual Ring device, and is set for each monitoring phone/tablet.


Latest update on ios to 5.15.1 has not fixed the issue.

The feature is there on my android, and always has been on my ios until the update that started this thread

Nearly a month later and this issue is not resolved for ring spotlight cam wired on iOS, but the same camera this feature works on android

Just updated iOS app to version 5.16.0 and have the new setting flow that has been described here but this setting is still missing on my iPad for my wired spotlight cam

Hey @TechGuy42 , thanks for the update on this! I see your screen shots do show the proper menu flow, please try the following to access the fullscreen toggle: Tap device (Spotlight Cam) > Tap “device settings” Tile on the Spotlight Cam page in the App > Tap “Alert Settings” > Tap “Notification Preferences” > “In-App Notifications” should appear with a toggle. This toggle will control the full screen notifications.

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Thank you for getting back Marley, please see attached, unfortunately the toggle is not where you described or in any sub menu that I can find.

Please note: the latest android update (3.16.0) has now also removed the toggle for my android. I have already tried reinstalling the app, as well as contacting support to which i was informed that there is no intentions on repairing this in the near future.

You’ve found it @TechGuy42 , that is the very toggle you are looking for. The wording for the toggle changed, so it may look new, but rest assure that toggle will control full screen notification. Please see @Riley_Ring’s previous explanation here. If toggled on, you will get a banner in the app that you can choose to click on. If toggled off, events will open a full screen live stream automatically when you are in the app. Hope this helps!

@Marley_Ring wrote:

You’ve found it @TechGuy42 , that is the very toggle you are looking for. The wording for the toggle changed, so it may look new, but rest assure that toggle will control full screen notification. Please see @Riley_Ring’s previous explanation here. If toggled on, you will get a banner in the app that you can choose to click on. If toggled off, events will open a full screen live stream automatically when you are in the app. Hope this helps!

This does not help and is not at all a solution to the problem this thread was started over and by how many different users chimed in Im clearly not the only one upset its missing. How is this so difficult for yall to understand? The toggle, “alerts open full screen video” would automatically wake my device with the video feed live and open. This is incredibly important because these cameras cannot be connected to a stand alone monitor, so the only option is to keep a tablet or phone with the mentioned toggle on to automatically launch full screen videos upon motion alerts. This was an incredibly useful feature and it is quite upsetting for yall to remove it for no reason but to add insult to injury you think its okay. If certain users do not with to have full screen video automatically open then they had the option to turn that off. Yall dont have to go take the feature away from those who use it. Y’all need to step up your customer service, or rather lack there of… the longer i own this the less likely im becoming from recommending this to anyone.