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I would like to confirm that you have checked that the new In-App Notification" toggle is off, per the recent app updates. The app should have a toggle under your device settings, follow these steps to confirm it is off:

Tap “Device Settings”> tap “Alert Settings” > tap “Notification Preferences”> then confirm that “In-App Notification” feature is toggled off.

Having this feature toggled off should ensure a live event will automatically open to full screen when you are actively in the Ring app. If it is toggled on, or if you are not actively in the Ring app, then you will get a notification banner as normal.

If you are experiencing a concern with this feature not behaving as described here, can you please provide an example of the concern. A screen recording example of the behavior you are experiencing with the “In-App Notification” feature toggled off would be ideal for us to share with the app team.

Yes, I’ve followed all of the steps you’ve outlined (many times over). When the ring app is closed I do get the notification but when it is open, nothing happens when there’s motion. Sometime after the event however under the word “History”, a red notice appears that says “1 new event”. That is the only thing that happens when Motion Alerts are set to on and In-App Notifications are turned off. This is on the iOS Ring app on an iPad Pro.


Y’all’s idea of “customer service” is abysmal at best, y’all are more concerned with policing this forum rather than actually utilizing it to improve your products.

We’ve made it clear that we used the *alerts open full screen video* feature and now it’s missing. We’ve made it clear that we want the option returned that y’all inexplicably removed. We’ve made it clear that what we want is for the video feed to automatically open in full screen like it used to.

Please return the option.


I agree. I have been trying to get this to work on three different tablets for months and nothing works. I have to add several add on apps like Tasker to make it open automatically. Time to switch to Nest!


this is actually what i suspect is causing the issue. after an update about a month ago i lost the option in my apps video settings. include information on how to change live view and alerts settings from opening in full screen. you’re community help forum found the answer to be “update your app” which is not helpful as it does not correct the auto open in full screen video setting. there used to be an option within the app video settings that is no longer there, so i think updating the app was the problem. ios13 ring doorbell 2


You’re right that the problem is the app update (not the iOS update), which we’ve been repeatedly telling them since the last update. Either they don’t understand, don’t care or don’t know how to fix it but it continues to be a problem without a solution.


@Ring, y’all have time to post silly videos and contests…

but decide to ignore the customers and issues in the two most active threads in this entire forum community (counting views & replies, excluding employee made threads)?

Alerts open full screen video & disabling the full battery indicator can’t possibly take more than a month to implement, which shows y’all aren’t even working on these issues.

Y’all need to be more responsive and fix these things before we start lodging reports with the FTC…

Same issue here. This feature was my main reason for choosing Ring…

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Is this fixed yet? It takes way too long to double click the notification banner (if my hands are even free from cooking, etc) and then wait for the live video to load in order to see if I want to answer the front door. We need the video to launch from an idle device when the ring doorbell is activated - when “someone is at the front door.” Don’t show me in a banner, show me the live video, automatically, when the app is NOT open. This feature went away as soon as I bought our device so I may return and quit Ring, as well, if this is not available.


Last time I checked (yesterday) it still wasn’t working.

I’ve returned my 2 Ring cameras and once I can afford to, I’m replacing my Ring doorbell too. It’s too bad because I really liked it when it worked properly.


this is seriously still not working?? why?


Reading this topic makes me realise the Ring Bell was the wrong choice a year ago.
Great marketing…yes… but no decent support.
People are begging for solutions, not for a minor issue, but for many THE major reason why they bought the Ring doorbell : Seeing asap who is on your frontdoor. Explaining this is no rocket science. (For people who want to listen)
After 7 months of customer ignorence I found on this topic, I cannot add anything new to this topic other than I asked a new ( not Ring) doorbell under the Christmas tree. It Will not be a Ring …


the fact ring doesnt have a dedicated monitor that would allow for instant live view when the doorbell is pressed is madness.

the fact that we have to make our own solutions using overly expensive, overly spec’ed tablets and mobile devices to get a basic feature that $50 video doorbells from amazon have is madness

the fact that ring finally released a feature only to remove it is abolute madness.

the fact tht ring cant understand why this is a pretty important feature request, requested by so many of their customers is beyond belief

RING: simply allow automatic live view full screen when the doorbell is pressed. this shouldnt be difficult!


Just got my Ring pro today, wire connected, app installed. Try it out, no full screen alert? Look for solutions on the internet. Found the forum, and found out, this feature is GONE! WTH! This feature is the only reason I am buying this product. Now I am thinking of return it now. Can I?

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I know how you feel, I was incredibly frustrated for months when they broke this function (it used to work just fine) but refused to admit it. I even ended up returning Ring cameras I’d bought but I’d had the doorbells too long for a refund. They have finally fixed this issue however (at least with the iOS app) but I won’t be buying any more Ring products. Here’s how to activate the feature:

Be sure you update your app, then on the home page of the app, tap the elipsis “…” in the top right corner of the device you want to pop up full screen, tap Settings, Device Settings, Alert Settings, Notification Preferences and turn off (yes, off) In-App Notifications. This will then show alerts full screen, but only when you are in the app.

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This is not a fix.

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Hi spiff

Thanks for your reply, Unfortunately this doesn’t work. What it does do is open up live view but not in full screen. You have to press another button to open it in proper full screen (square on the right hand side)

It used to work on older versions before they introduced the live view and history screen.

This really shouldn’t be difficult for Ring to sort out. It’s clearly a customer requirement

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Oh I see what you mean. You’re right that it used to open full screen and now only half-way. I wonder if they do any user testing before rolling out these changes or they just do it without feedback. They certainly don’t seem at all responsive to these discussions in their own forums so I’d be quite surprised to hear that they ask for feedback from actual users before forcing changes on them.

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Anyone know what version of the app had the feature? You can’t install an older version on iOS (unless it is jailbreaked), but on android you can find previous version (e.g. apkmirror website).

The in-app notification sort of works (tested on a spare iOS device, I imagine similar on android), but once the phone goes to sleep, it is no longer “in-app” and therefore will no longer launch the video.

Don’t know if it was mentioned already in the thread, but there are ways to get this working with 3rd party apps (again only Android). Search youtube for something along the lines of “ring doorbell automation”.

I was hoping to find an easier ring supported feature before going the complicated automation route (which requires buying an app)

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Hi, Sorry if this has been covered but i am new to Ring. I want to be able to open my alerts in full screen with one touch on my Android device. I have the Ring 2 Doorbell and thought this was standard.

Thanks in advance