Alerts on Apple Watch

Hi, currently when I get an alert on my Apple Watch it shows up 4 times in succession. Is there a way to limit this? I have noticed the battery on my watch draining more quickly since this started. Just as a FYI I have the Ring doorbell & Ring Floodlight Cam.


Hi there, @pwgerardi! As mentioned in our Community post about Rich Notifications , there may be times when multiple notifications are sent to ensure for the quickest delivery of an event notification. If too many notifications are happening with a smart watch in use, please note that Ring does not directly support any official smart watch integrations.

Rich Notifications is a feature that is optional to use. If you are seeming to receive multiple notifications too often, see if this changes with the feature disabled. It’s worth also seeing if notifications work as intended when a smart watch is not in use.

That doesn’t really help solve the problem, it never used to do this, so something has changed to cause this behaviour