alerts map does not match new address

I just moved and reinstalled my ring doorbell at my new house. I have changed my address but the alerts are still coming in from my old address. When I open the Ring app my new address shows in the left menu. When I go to settings my new address shows there too.

When I go to left menu > Neighbors > Settings > Customize Neighbors > Neighborhood map, my old adress is showing. I’ve tried moving the dots but I can’t move them far enough. The little home icon dot is still showing at my old address. Howdo I update this?

Hi @Crystal! When changing locations for the Neighbors by Ring app, the current method for obtaining alerts for the new area is to activate the new address. In your Ring app the new location is likely added already. Once you visit the Neighbors by Ring app, you should see the new location available in the drop down at the top of the screen. While you cannot delete the old location from the Neighbors by Ring app, you can disable alerts for that location. Then, simply visit the new location in the Neighbors by Ring app and alter your Neighbors settings to alert for that location radius. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: