Alerts in my history when alarm is turned off

When my alarm is not activated. How can I stop receiving alerts on my account history when motion is detected, by motion detectors. I do not want any history documented once the alarm is disarmed. Also, I currently receive an alert on my email each time the alarm is activated is deactivated. I would like to stop this as well. Thanks

Hey @Doolinmusic. To turn off any alerts of motion detected on your Motion Detectors when your Ring Alarm is disarmed, you will need to go into the Motion Detector’s profile under Alarm Devices and turn off “Motion Alerts.” This will ensure that you are not getting a push notification for every time motion is detected. When it comes to the event history log, you will be unable to remove events from the Ring Alarm Event History, and all events are recorded here in the case that you need it for any reason.

You are unable to turn off the sensors in your home to not report motion detected or open/closed actions on sensors, even when in Disarmed mode. To turn off the email alerts and what you want emails and push notifications on, you will need to adjust the settings under the Main Menu > Settings > Alarm Alerts. :slight_smile: