Alerts from Ring 2 doorbell do not vibrate but alerts from Ring doorbell do.

I recently upgraded my front door to a Ring 2 from an original Ring. When motions occurred with the Ring, I get an alert tone, a banner and the phone vibrated (which is useful if you have the sound turned off). But since upgrading to the Ring 2, I only get the alert tone and the banner, no vibrations. I have the app installed on 2 IPhones and a Samsung tablet. All of them are consistent - no vibrations from the Ring 2.

Is this normal?

Hi @BobSpr very strange, indeed! Have you tried an uninstall and reinstall of the Ring app and a reset on iOS devices as well as clearing the app cache data on the Android? Iā€™m unsure why the notifications would change from the original Ring to the Video Doorbell 2. However, please try that and let me know what happens. We may need you to call into our support team though for a more in depth look into this. Thanks!

The first phone I had the app on died. So I got a new phone this weekend and downloaded the app for a clean install. The tablet I will have to boot up and clear the cache.

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Let us know if that seemed to help. If not, give our 24/7 team a call at 800-656-1918. Thanks!

It seems to be working