Alert Upon Entry

Does anyone know if the system will alert those entering the house that the system is armed? I can disarm from the app on my phone, but if others entering the house (who have a code) can’t do this, can the system alert them to the fact that it is armed and needs a code to disarm?

This is controlled by the entry delay and setting the entry door contact sensors to “Main Door” so that they will provide an entry delay. Provided your base station or keypad volume is set high enough, the base station and keypads will emit a repeating entry delay countdown “tone.”

I was actually going to make a post about this but one major shortcoming on this is that if you turn down your keypad and base station volume because you don’t want loud mode change notifications emitted from these devices, the entry delay tones become nearly inaudible.

In order to reduce false alarm incidents, Ring should separate the entry/exit delay sounds as a separate volume setting so that they are independent of all other base station/keypad sounds. I would prefer to have all other mode change and arming protest sounds muted but I still need to have entry/exit delays loud and audible for exactly the situation you’ve highlighted as I have users who are not app users but still enter and exit my property. This would allow me to still change modes silently when disarming from the app too.