Alert motion notification sound volume on iPhone 13 Pro is too low - how adjust?

My invited user’s alert motion notification volume on iPhone 13 Pro is very low. My (owner) volume on iPhone 13 Pro is fine. I have tried to adjust volume in iPhone settings, sounds & haptics, but did not help. The sample volume when selecting the “alert tone” is fine. I have deleted the invited user’s account and then invited user again with new account…still not enough volume. Neither iPhone settings Notifications section doesn’t help. This was not a problem on our old Android phones. It only began when we switched to the iPhones. Can someone please solve my problem? Thanks JWA

Hi @JWA. I don’t have an answer, but I’d like to ask you to perform a test. Since the phones are identical, try logging out of your Ring account and logging in on the other phone (Owner logs in on Shared User phone, vice versa). Once you’ve done this, see if your alert volume is different or the same as before. This can help narrow down what is happening.