Alert / event does not start playing from beginning

So lets say you get a motion alert, you click it, why does it not start playing from the beginning?

So it starts playing later on. You have to manually go to the beginning of the recording to see what triggered it.


Is this a bug or poor design?

One should be able to click the alert / event and it should start playing and show what triggered.

Nest does this no problem. Ring seems to fail at very basic things…

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Hi @mysteryy. When you tap on a notification of motion being detected at your Ring Camera, it will activate the Live View in the Ring app so you can see what is happening at your Camera. This behavior is intended so there is no delay in allowing you to see what is going on in real-time at your Camera or Doorbell. To see the whole recorded event from the start, you can tap on the motion event from the Event History tab. You will need a valid Ring Protect Plan subscription in order to view recorded events.

and tapping it does not start it at the beginning.

This is still an issue. To further clarify, I am seeing the event in the Android notifications. I can pull down from the top of my screen, see all the events from over night, clicking ANY of the events, all start into the recording, not at the beginning. I have the manually move to the beginning of the recording, or press back to the last one, then forward to the current one. Ring - fix your bugs!

Works fine on my Pixel Android 12. Maybe its other software on your phone causing the delay.

Make sure to clear the storage for the Ring app and re-login.
If use a VPN turn it off.
If use anti-virus software uninstall it.
If you are using any of these apps uninstall them ( Android Apps that Conflict with the Ring App – Ring Help)

Good luck!

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Thanks, but I have been able to reproduce it on multiple Pixels, all running Android 12 latest release. One without any other software / apps installed (immediately after factory reset). Its clearly a BUG.