Alarm vs Notify?

For the security system, will a camera motion set off the alarm, or can I set the camera to notify only? Not sure if I want any cameras to generate an alarm and the monitoring company to send the police when a camera detects motion…

Also, can I set/program a door sensor to notify only and not generate an alarm? For example, I want all door and window contacts on my house alarmed, but I want a sensor on the gate to the yard to notify me when the gate is opened and not send an alarm.

Hey @SHB. The only linking that you can have with the Ring Alarm and the Ring Doorbells/Cameras at this time is through Linked Devices. With Linked Devices, you can set the cameras to instantly start recording when the Ring Alarm goes into entry delay or is alarming. This is the only integration they have with each other at this time, so there’s no need to worry about the motion detection on the cameras setting off the alarm!

For the sensor in question that wouldn’t be monitored but you can get alerts, you can for sure do that! First, go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Settings > Modes > Home/Away (will need to do this for each) > Sensors > and Deselect the gate sensor for both modes. Then, go back into the Main Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Gate Contact Sensor and turn on Open and/or Closed Alerts. With these on, you will get a push notification every time that sensor is tripped. :slight_smile:

@Chelsea_Ring that is great news about the cameras and sensors. I appreciate your help.

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