Alarm sound in app

Come on guys this is so obvious. An alarm should not have the same sound as a simple notification. Ring uses the default sound which is the same sound as a general push notification. My previous alarm system which had the control head die was 7 years old and “it” had different sound s for alarms and notifications. I just bought the Ring alarm it and was shocked that if you self-monitor it uses the same sound for a simple notification that is just informational as a burglar alarm. I am beginning to suspect the reason you have not addressed this is to try to force people to use your monitoring plan. You need to address this in the app. Is see many other comments with the same question and they all go unanswered. How about a reply?

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Hey @gckc. Thank you so much for your feedback here. While this is not a feature at this time, this would be a great idea! As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. Feel free to link that post you make in the Feature Request board here so other neighbors that come to this thread can easily find your feature!

I suppose you replied to be able to say you replied. I was told 6 months ago by tech support that they had added this to the features list. Is it already on the list or not??? You see multiple requests for this fundamental function and there is never a timetable provided. I can see similar request goiing back over 18 months. Again my 7 year old alarm did this and your new and improved alarm does not. I had to add a specail app to may phone to intercept push notifications and custom select sounds for each app. Then I had to turn off all other push notifications from your app. This way I am able to get an alarm sound versus a simple ding. But this means I can not have any othe push notifications from your app from any source other than the alarm. This is not a feature as I see it, it is a minimal requirement

@gckc Thanks for getting back to me! The Feature Request Board is an element we have brought to our neighbors in the Community for them to put all of their ideas and feedback into one place. With this information organized into one board, this is our one-stop shop and idea box for our neighbors to share what they are looking for from our products.

While we would love to implement everything our neighbors suggest, sometimes our devices and systems are limited and are unable to do some of these requests. We are always working towards making the neighbor experience better, and even if something is not possible now, it doesn’t mean it can’t be in the future, so we encourage our neighbors to continue to upvote, comment and create with these ideas.

I will say that looking into your posting history, I see that back in June you created a Feature Request about this, which I found here. While we try to gather all ideas that neighbors have to then pass this information onto teams, that include our design and development departments, sometimes we cannot always address every neighbor’s idea. It is great that you have previously spoken to a representative who let you know that they have passed on your idea to the appropriate teams, and I apologize if they may have given you the impression that this is something that would be implemented soon.

Rest assured, I will ensure this idea is once again brought up to the right people, but I will be unable to promise that this idea will be implemented. I really do appreciate your feedback and suggestion in this, as I could see the benefit of having unique sounds specific to your Ring Alarm. Please continue to add any other ideas you may have in the future to the Feature Request Board, and feel free to encourage others to upvote your ideas and share more as they come up. Any new features we are able to bring to our neighbors that come from the Community as well, we will make sure to always highlight in our Announcements and posts. :slight_smile:

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I ordered the unit in May. I had an early (2013)self-monitored alarm and the control head died and because of COVID a replacement was not available because it originated in China. So I had to replace everything, sensors and all. I researched many alarms and I narrowed it down to two. I looked for complaints about the RING system and this was one of them. So I called to inquire if I could set the alarm notification to any sound and it would be distinct for an alarm. I was told that I could do so. So I assumed RING had addressed the issue. This was false, I assume they were talking about the camera and not the alarm. If I had been provided accurate information I would not have ordered the alarm. Again I do not view this as a feature but a deficiency, as do many others commenting on this issue.