Alarm Security Kit for two homes

Hello, I wonder if Ring has any solution for the following setup:

There are two buildings staying 100 meters (330 feet) apart.

There is a local network installed between two buildings. There are two routers on each side, connected via network cable.

I want to setup an Alarm Security Kit in both buildings, but control it as one. I understand, that I can buy two separate kits with two base stations and then control them as two separate units. But the idea is to have two base stations talking to each over the local network. Is this possible?

I do not think the wireless solution will work, as it may be too far away for the base station for communication with sensors in another building. The range extender may work, but then I have to install it outside on some tree and bring a power there. Not an ideal plan.

Any smart thoughts, please?

Thank you!

Hey @Mushkrot!We recommend assigning a Base Station, or Alarm Kit, per location. A couple things to consider with this scenario are distance and location monitoring/ dispatch specifications. We do not recommend having two structures share a Base Station due to potential confusion if dispatch is needed to the property, or even false alarms if one unit has its door being opened while the system is armed from the other.

In addition to potential false alarms, the distance may interfere with connection signal. Your Alarm system will connect to your in home wifi via the Base Station. The Base Station will then communicate with your other Alarm devices using zwave communication. This setup might add distance, appliances, and interior/ exterior walls which can interfere with signals. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: