Alarm Retrofit Kit vs. New Sensors

My old alarm’s sensors are still in good condition so I’m considering going with a Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit. But oddly, it’d be more expensive to go with a Retrofit Kit than to replace all the old sensors with new ones. What would be a compelling reason to go with the Retrofit Kit?

I think you would go with a retrofit if . . . all your sensors are wired such that your zones are not an issue (many wired systems are daisychained into zones so the sensors cannot be spearated and individually identified) . . . you are convinced your wiring is not going to be an issue (age, reonstruction). Wires are always more reliable and harder to tamper. Same reason it is best to go with a POE camera over wifi.

Ring contacts retail for about $20. Your break even point would be 10 windows/doors…