Alarm Range Extender Connected Devices Link and Event History

It’s somewhat frustrating setting up using range extenders. It’s difficult (impossible I think) to determine what the z-wave topology looks like. During setup, it seems it’s trying to connect to the base station rather than to the much closer range extender, given the number of retries it attempts. I have looked through the UI and done searches online but can’t seem to find any way to see which sensor is connected to which extender or base station.

It would be EXTREMELY useful if on the Device Page for the Alarm Range Extender, if there was a “Connected Devices” link which showed which devices are currently connected to that specific range extender. Much in the same way that Eero mesh networks show what devices are connected to any specific mesh node. (Would also need the same link on the Base Station to show which devices are directly connected there).

Additionally, if the Event History for the device would show which device was connected/disconnected to range extender/base station, would be helpful when troubleshooting issues, especially during setup.

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