Alarm Rang for Hours and No Call from Ring

Hi. I installed a new alarm through ring and it started alarming while I was away at work. This happened in the morning while I was asleep. Upon checking my cameras, the police were dispatched but I did not get a call from ring. Instead I received several emails alerting me of the siren going off which I wouldn’t have been able to read if I were asleep. Who is responsible for why I didn’t get a call? Do I need to consider alarm service elsewhere. To me, ring didn’t do their job and I have no idea what happened.

Hi @apalm. If you’re signed up for Professional Monitoring, our Monitoring Center will call each emergency contact on your list in the event that the alarm is triggered. I’d suggest double checking that you have the correct phone numbers listed for your three emergency contacts. We have more information on how to manage your emergency contact information here. If you need additional assistance with your Ring Alarm system or Professional Monitoring, please get in touch with our support team and request to speak with the Ring Alarm team specifically.

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