alarm question on sound and arming codes

Is there a way to make the alarm say what sensor is opened/closed? Example: I open the window. I hear the activation sound. which is the same sound as all the other sensors. Is there a mode that will say “window open” or “Living room window open”?

Two, I noticed Ring likes to give a code for each person who uses the keypad. As it is now, my family uses my code. Is there a universal code I can give them, and where they can use the app on their phone but NOT allow them to change options on the alarm or what to get notification for? Example: all they can do is arm/disarm from the app.

Hey @Starstreak! There are certainly different chirp tones that can be selected for each Alarm sensor, however, there is not a device name announcement tone in the app at this time. I will definitely pass this request over to our Alarm team for consideration!

In regards to access codes and shared users, you will find much interest in our help center article about Users and Roles! This article will list what each user classification (owner, shared, guest) will have access to in the app, and yes you as the owner can definitely control access codes and more. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering. I thought I did that but it still allowed them to change what notifications they received on the phones maybe I made them an owner instead of a shared? I’ll try it again once when I get home.

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If you have Alexa devices with Ring linked in, you can set up Routines that will trigger Alexa to say anything you want. Takes awhile to create a routine for each sensor, but it works.

Hope this helps !

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