Alarm Pro with Edge - recordings not showing up, reboot fixes

Hello- I have a Ring Alarm Pro with Protect Pro, with a Samsung Pro Endurance 128GB MicroSD memory card installed.

I am using Edge for local storage of video. I have 13 active cameras, ranging from floodlight cam’s (various models) to stickup cams.

I have a recurring problem that only started in the last several months.

Videos will save to edge - they will show up as “Local Storage” without the preview image in history. And then, at some point they will begin to fail. Some of them will work, and others will not, and then over the course of a day or two, all of the recordings will fail. By fail, I mean there will be no recording. Clicking on the event will say “No Video Found”.

Rebooting the Ring Alarm Pro solves this problem.

Reducing the number of camera’s using edge seems to decrease the frequency of this occurring. When I moved all the outdoor cameras to using the cloud, it seems to have taken a week or so to occur where it would usually occur in 2-3 days when all the cameras were on it.

I have replaced the SD card (I used to have a SanDisk Ultra 1TB) and that has not resolved the issue.

The cameras just silently fail to record - I can find no error message, alert or anything else when this occurs. Again, rebooting the alarm-pro via the app resolves the issue.

This didn’t use to be a problem. I have tried toggling local disk encryption and enabling/disabling network encryption between supported devices.

All my cameras have good connectivity - I have a couple eero mesh devices around the house to ensure that. The alarm-pro has good connectivity to the outside world - it’s upstream gateway is a pfsense firewall with gateway failover between two ISP’s, but still occasionally fails over to cellular backup. I don’t see a correlation between failing over to cellular and cameras stopping recording to local storage.

The alarm-pro is attached to a UPS such that I don’t think it has lost power except for maybe once in the last year except for when I have power cycled it to try and resolve this issue (power cycling doesn’t have any better effect than software rebooting from what I can tell)

I’ve had the alarm-pro and the protect-plus service, with edge recording since September of 2022. I don’t recall seeing this issue until the last few months.

I’ve seen a few messages saying you have to power cycle every time the alarm-pro fails over to cellular - I don’t have it that bad. It’s annoying and not really what I paid for of course, but if it would at least alert me to the issue, I could reboot the alarm-pro.

Anyone else seeing something similar? Any thoughts?

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Hi @Celeus. I appreciate you trying some troubleshooting steps to try and resolve your concern! The next best thing would be to contact our support team, and ask to work with our Neighbor Solutions Expert team for the Ring Alarm. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

@Celeus exact same issue here. I only have 6 cameras total, however. All are Floodlight Cam Wired Pro. Have you discovered any additional resolution beyond rebooting the alarm pro?

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