Alarm Pro Ringedge Event History no video preview


I’ve got an Alarm Pro with ringedge local video storage enabled. I’ve noticed that all locally stored videos don’t show a video preview when you view a cameras event history. Is this normal or is something wrong? I’ve had this for years and just noticed that local videos don’t show them but cloud videos do.

Thank you

Hi @cmundy79. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what your Event History looks like? You can blur or block out the preview images, I only want to see how the events without a preview are displaying. Additionally, are you able to successfully view the video for the events that don’t have a preview? I’d be happy to check in with my team regarding the expected behavior on this once I have more information. :slight_smile:

Hi @cmundy79, I wanted to chime back in with an update after discussing this with my team. At this time, it is expected behavior that videos stored locally via Ring Edge do not have an image preview on the Event History. This is because of how the image previews are generated in the cloud. I hope this answers your questions, and your feedback is appreciated! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response. Will this be a feature in the future ?

@cmundy79 We don’t have information on what features may be available in the future.

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