Alarm pro keypad volume

What options are there to make the alarm pro keypad entry notification sound more noticeable? The slider for the volume is maxed out but when entering the room we can barely hear the sound at the keypad. A loud sound as the alarm delay counts down would not only prevent false alerts but also serve to intimidate would-be thieves from continuing into the area.

Hi @Mikeedye. There are no other options to change on the Keypad to make its sounds more noticeable, besides increasing the volume. You can add additional Keypads, or you can use an Echo device to play alarm sounds like Exit and Entry Delays.

Are there instructions available on how to create an echo routine based on the entry or exit delay? I see how to create door (sensor) open or closed, but have not found how to initiate a routine based on the activation of a delay.

@Mikeedye. There is not, and it looks like you cannot create a routine based on the Ring Alarm going into an Entry or Exit Delay.

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