Alarm Pro Base station power cable

I just installed my alarm pro, got everything set up after a short support call due to an app glitch disrupting final updates (thanks Jimmy!) and then left the house for a short errand. While I was out I got a notification that my alarm pro was on battery backup. When I got home, I found that my cat had chewed on the cable. None of the USB-C cables I had close at hand would let it power on either.

Basically, my question is where can I get a cable that works for the alarm pro base station? I’ve only been able to find cables online for the ring pro doorbell.

Did you try the store? ( Accessories | Ring)

Also, calling support ( Contact Us – Ring Help) is another option. Be aware wait times are long and it may take multiple calls to find an agent that is able to assist.

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The only power cables I could find on the store were for the various doorbell models. I’ll call support, but I was hoping to find a temporary cable to get my base station back up and running until I could get a proper replacement.