Alarm Pro Base Station for Business?

Is the Alarm Pro with eero rated for use for businesses with 10+ users? I would be looking at replacing my existing Watchguard firewall with this.

Also, what is the dual network ports on the back for? Can you do load balancing from two different ISPS?

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You can certainly use Ring Alarm Pro for your business and can add people with the Alarm Users and Roles. In fact, Ring Alarm will allow for 256 access codes, which includes owner, shared user, guest user, and duress codes. :slight_smile:

Check out this downloadable Ring Alarm User guide for an in-depth walkthrough of Alarm setup and use. As for the Ethernet ports, they are for only one ISP resource connection and the other a standard ethernet port.

Thanks for the Reply Marley. I already have an existing alarm system that suits us so this would not be for that.

What I am interested in is Eero up to the task being a Firewall for a business with 10+ internet users? With the backup internet option built in it is quite interesting.

I have read the user guide and I need something more in depth as to what the Alarm Pro can do and can’t do (like port forwarding and NAT) since it is a router, I need more on the networking side of things.

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Good question! That actually may be best asked of Eero themselves. You’ll be using the Ring and the Eero app to control the Alarm and the Eero Wi-Fi 6. Thus, the capabilities specific to network security and integration is best found with looking further into Eero Specs.

Our Alarm team is always happy to look further into this specified use, but may also point you in the same direction. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

So if I install this and have issues do I have to deal with eero customer support or Ring? Ring is what is on the box and unit so I am worried now that if I have issues with the Alarm Pro you will play the blame game on each other and my issues won’t be fixed, am I correct in this assumption that I will have to deal with both eero AND ring tech support on issues?

I wanted to try it out so I proceeded with install and since I have Eero Pro 6’s at home I already have an Eero account, I am trying the “add or replace eero devices” option here at work with the Alarm pro and it will not add the alarm pro, I have it added to the Ring side but the eero side is failing to see it, I see the lights blink on the alarm pro and it finds it, but it wants me to replace existing gateway which is NOT what I want, that is for my home network, if I hit I’m sure for not replacing the gateway it fails to connect to it.


I have returned it back to Amazon, not worth the headaches.

Ring, you really let me down with this device, it had potential but Amazon had to gunk it up with forcing you to make it a Eero gateway in order to use it and that just doesn’t work for some people, especially with multiple locations.