Alarm Pro and Eero Pro

Okay I am really confused. I bought the alarm pro and the instructions in the booklet say to make the alarm pro the gateway but within the setup app instructions I’m not being offered this option at least clearly enough for me to understand. Please help me setup all this.


PS–okay I think I’m seeing now that I don’t need my old eero modem. But I still don’t understand the in app instruction choices.

I don’t understand which one to pick to make the alarm pro the gateway

Replace Existing Gateway would mean that you intent to not use the existing network name on more than one router. Example if you set up jabberwocky_wlan on another router and want to continue using it but have everything go through the EERO then select “replace existing gateway”. If you want to create two separate networks or start over from scratch with a completely new gateway (network name) then select “Create New Network” :slight_smile:

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