Alarm panel volume - better granularity

The Ring Alarm base station has very limited volume control. One volume slider adjusts the volume of ALL sounds made by the base station.

We have a small house and an 8 month old baby. Because of this, the volume is set low so that when I leave for work every day, the voice that says “disarmed” or “home, and armed” is quiet enough that you can hear it when you’re standing at the keypad. That helps not wake the baby.

However, this means that the countdown timer is also very quiet. so quiet, that when you forget the system is armed and you open a door, you can’t hear the timer unless you happen to walk right past it. inevitably, this leads to the alarm sounding.

I know I could fix this by just not forgetting the alarm is armed, but a better solution would be for the app to offer better customization for the countdown timer. I’ve never liked the way it sounds. even full volume it’s pretty quiet.

In summary: please add a separate volume control for the countdown timer.

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