Alarm not fit for purpose

Just bought ring burglar alarm - advised to post here by support. It is basically useless without cellular plan which is additional cost?

Am based in UK and bought alarm with app communication so can turn off and on remotely.

Firstly no external siren but I can add one of these

The main problem is my router is by the door.

So if anyone breaks in they can disable the alarm by disconnecting my router. I expected that at least the alarm would still function ie a code is not entered and the siren (internal and external) would activate. According to support this is not the case.

I find it hard to believe but that is what support tell me. No cellular plan leaves the alarm disabled if the wifi is disconnected before it fires off.

About to take alarm back as on this basis is not fit for purpose. Or have I been given bad information by two advisors….

Very disappointing

Hi @Richardhinckley. I would be happy to clarify how the Ring Alarm system works. As it requires an internet connection via ethernet or wifi in order to be in contact with monitoring services, it is true that the alarm will not not be able to send alerts to the Monitoring Station if the internet connection is lost or disrupted. Although, the alarm will still function locally if there is no internet connection, either via the established wifi network, or via Cellular Backup. This means that if the Alarm is armed, but you lose a wifi connection, and an armed sensor is tripped, the system will go off inside the home. Although, with no Cellular Backup or wifi established anymore, you will not get the notification on your Ring App or from the Monitoring Station (if subscribed), since there is no connection to send that information.

If you are subscribed to the Ring Protect Plus plan, your Ring Alarm will have Cellular Backup in the instance that the wifi is disrupted or temporarily out. This allows the Ring Alarm to perform the basic functions of being armed or disarmed as well as the siren going off if an armed sensor is tripped. You can read more about the Ring Protect plans in our Help Center Article here. If you were looking to have an outdoor siren as well, you can find one on our website here, too. I hope this information helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response. I do not want to subscribe to services and therefore wanted an alarm I could set - and if internet went off it would still set off the alarm - like traditional alarms did. I spoke to Curry’s online help and they confirmed Ring did this - and the response here confirms that. On the basis of the Curry’s advice I installed the alarm and it did what I wanted.

However I spent half an hour on the phone to Ring support and spoke to two agents and they said the alarm would not work when the internet went off (even if armed) and a cellular plan is required for backup. This is untrue and there is little point in a support line if they don’t know the basics of their own product….

Thanks for the reply which confirms what I was able to get from Curry’s and then tried myself:

Did you really expect that you would buy an alarm system and Ring would give you free cellular service for life? If anyone did tell you that, common sense would tell you that is not going to happen. The $10/month Ring Protect Plan (or what ever it is in the UK) is about as good as you are ever going to see . . . cellular backup, monitoring, and device warranty.