Alarm makes loud beeps on keypads when arming system per schedule

Hi, I don’t know if I changed a setting or if it was an app update, but all of a sudden, all of my keypads are making a very loud sound when Ring is arming in the evening via a schedule I have set up. It beeps slowly, then goes very fast, and then announces the system is armed. Is there a way to mute/turn off the beeping alerts before it arms? Thanks.

Hi @dtfamily1. The sound you are referring to is the Exit Delay sound that will play to warn you your Alarm System is going to arm. If you would like to not hear this sound from your Keypads you can lower the volume for each Keypad in its Audio Settings. The volume will not affect the sound when the Alarm is alarming. This Help Center article will provide you with the steps on how to lower the volume for the Keypad.

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