Alarm Integration with SimpleCommands (SC / Simple Commands)

I started this thread to discuss / list all the things that SimpleCommands (SC) can do with Ring Alarm.

I’ve seen a lot of conversations but nothing was in 1 place.

Since I’m new to Ring Alarm, I thought it would be nice to have eveything all in 1 place.

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From what I’ve seen about SimpleComannds (SC), and heard about Ring Alarm(RA), there’s some cool stuff:

  • Turn on the outside lights at dusk, off at dawn, by putting the outside lights on a GE outlett that connects to RA.
  • Turn on the Holiday Lights at dusk by using a GE outlett that connects to RA.
  • With some other SC integrations you can check the weather an turn on GE connected lights on a rainy day

? - Does anyone know if SimpleCommands can see the Ring Alarm status ?

If so we could:

  • Turn on GE switch lights when I’m not home
  • Turn on GE switch lights when the alarm goes off
  • Turn on the alarm at 11 PM (no matter what)

SimpleCommands had no issues seeing all my GE devices connected through Ring Alarm.

I setup Time of Day on and off for my outdoor lights.

Now I’m looking for a way to say:

If the alarm is set, and it’s Sun down, turn on the inside lights.

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Are you comfortable handing your Ring ID and password to Simple Commands? They don’t have Two factor authentication either. So while the app. is great and it allows you to do a lot of automation that Ring doesn’t I don’t know how secure Simple Commands app environment is.

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When I connected Simple Commands I created a 2nd account inside Ring (just use a different email address to setup the account), DISABLED access to that 2nd account for all video (so that account now just has alarm / contact access) and then used that 2nd account for Simple Commands access.

Do I think that RING and SIMPLE COMMANDS need better authentication, YES !

But adding a second account with reduced access helps.

@RingAlarm team - We need better authentication controls with SimpleCommands. ID+Password doesn’t thrill me (even though I setup a 2nd RingAlarm account just for SimpleCommands).