Alarm going off when arming

So I armed my alarm this morning for the first time on the 2nd gen keypad:

  1. Code + away
  2. It starts counting down
  3. I opened the door to leave after only 10 seconds, and the alarm went off followed by the automated call.
  4. I hang up from the automated call and the app showed the countdown finishing (wasn’t done yet), and THEN it said armed.

Has anyone else had this issue, or is this a known bug?

You’ll probably get a more detailed explanation, but it sounds like you have that door sensor not set up as a main door but a secondary door.

When I was setting up my sensors, I was asked if will be used as entry/main door (front door, garage door in to house) or if secondary door (back door, garage door to side yard).

Entry doors have countdown delay, secondary doors and windows don’t.

This is easy to change in that specific motion sensor settings menu.


You were absolutely right! I haven’t tried it yet, but that makes sense, and the settings were wrong for those doors.