Alarm goes off twice in middle of night

Twice last night (3 hours apart) we were woken by our Ring Alarm going off. Both times I checked the property with no sign of entry or tampering with any sensors. I have received two messages from Ring stating that the sensors in the Conservatory was tampered with both times but there is no sign of it. Obviously I no longer feel confident in setting the alarm again, Any ideas please. Also as a secondary, my doorbell camera started recording at the exact same time that the alarm went off. The camer is on the opposite side of the house. Is this what is supposed to happen ? I was pleasantly surprised.

Hi @RealMarine. I’m not sure if this is a Motion Detector or Contact Sensor, but the Tampered notification indicates that the cover on the Sensor is not completely snapped into place. I’d recommend checking the Sensor that received the Tampered message to ensure the cover is firmly snapped on. If the cover looks to be fine, you can perform a quick reset on the Sensor and then add it back into your system.

As for the Doorbell recording when the Alarm was triggered, you likely have it set up to do so via the Linked Devices setting. This allows you to set your Ring Doorbell or Camera to begin recording in the event that the Alarm goes off. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for that. Most useful.

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