Alarm Feature Request: Party/Lawn Mowing Mode - Global Motion Alerts Snooze Options

I would like to be able to temporarily override and disable all motion alerts from a set of Ring devices without modifying the Motion Alert settings of the actual individual devices themselves. I say a set because it would be useful to group a set of devices, such as all motion-sensing devices outside the house versus those that are inside the house. A default group of All would always include every device that has motion detection capabilities.

The override option should be able to be set continuously until manually released and also have the ability to set a snooze time period for the override to end (the current snooze limit of up to four hours should be extended to at least 8 hours or a day).

From time to time, we know there will be a lot of activity around the house and we want to be able to set a single global setting to suspend all motion notifications around the entire perimeter of the house. A perfect example is when I’m mowing the lawn. For about an hour, I’ll be repeatedly setting off all of the motion sensors covering all sides of the house. Another example would be for a party where people will be arriving, departing, and moving around the yard for many hours.

Unless I’m just not finding it, I cannot find any snooze operations that can temporarily suspend ALL motion notifications to the base unit and all mobile devices configured to receive motion alerts. I also cannot find any snooze operations that can suspend motion notifications from a single Ring device to the base station and all mobile devices.

We have two doorbells and multiple floodlight cams with motion sensors and generally have them enabled to provide motion activity notifications. Occasionally, wind or an animal might cause a particular sensor to repeatedly activate. For a single Ring device, there are app settings to snooze the motion notifications to that mobile device, but I believe the base station and other phones continue to receive the notifications even after I’ve snoozed mine.

We live on an acre and it takes a couple of hours to mow the lawn and trim the edges. That means that every motion sensor around the house sets off on every lap of the riding mower and as I walk around with the trimmer. Snoozing every single device from my phone takes a long time and it doesn’t solve the other devices receiving the same notifications.

Or, we’re having a cookout. The whole family will be running around all over the place, inside and out, all day and into the night…

I’d like to be able to open the app, choose All motion devices or a particular subset, and tell it to stop reporting motion alerts for a period of time up to at least 24 hours. I don’t want to have to reprogram the settings on any of the individual devices and then have to remember what to set them back to after the event.

A global “Shhh” button with a timer, please!

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Hey @Craig! Thank you for sharing your feedback with the Community. It sounds like you would benefit greatly from using the Motion Snooze feature, which allows you to disable motion alerts on all cameras for a pre-set length of time. Check out our help center article on Motion Snooze to learn more :slight_smile:

I’ve tested this feature and it is a step in the right direction, but not what I am requesting. I was previously unaware that there was the app-level snooze settings that would snooze all of the devices at once. This is indeed better than snoozing each individual device, and I’m glad that I now know it is there.

However, this feature does not snooze the motion alerts to _ all apps and the hardware _. It only silences my app. Other mobile devices continue to receive notifications and the hardware still chimes inside the house. So, my phone is nice and silent while I mow the lawn, and the Ring base unit continues chiming away per usual.

What I want is to be able to tell the system to stop sending any motion notifications to all devices or apps for a period of time. I don’t see any way to do that without reconfiguring the actual motion alert setting on every device.

Sure thing @Craig! Glad to know the Motion Snooze added a level of customization for your app. You will be happy to hear about our upcoming Modes feature which takes this a step further. The Modes feature will allow you to control all of your devices based on three customizable modes (disarmed, home, and away). Specifically, Disarmed Mode will allow you to disable all of your Ring devices at once.

Learn more by visiting our Community post about Modes :slight_smile:

My indoor cam keeps making my base station chime even with snooze on. And when I permanently turn off motion detection on the camera setting, the base station still chimes from motion detection alerts from the cameras.

How can I turn off the alerts on my base station from camera motion detection?

@erchu005 wrote:

My indoor cam keeps making my base station chime even with snooze on. And when I permanently turn off motion detection on the camera setting, the base station still chimes from motion detection alerts from the cameras.

How can I turn off the alerts on my base station from camera motion detection?

I don’t think its possible for the Alarm base station to chime based on a motion event from a camera. Do you have an Alarm motion sensor near the camera? It could be do it - you can turn off the chime for the alarm motion sensor in the device settings.

I may have confused you with the term “chime”. I don’t have a Ring Chime. My Ring doorbell is connected to the mechanical doorbell. What I meant is that everytime my camera detects motion, whether I snooze the motion alerts or not, my Ring base station will make an alert noise on the base station itself.

This would be annoying because if I am working in the garage, it would constantly make an alert noise on the base station. It seems the snooze function only snoozes alerts on the phone or ipad and it only snoozes on that particular mobile device.

How do I snooze the alert on the base station from camera motion?

Doorbells and cameras are not connected to the alarm in any way. The alarm uses sensors. Maybe you have a sensor on the door? That would make a noise if opened and closed unless you turn it off.

Nevermind, I just realized it was my other ipad that was making the alert noises. I did not realize that even with my ipad muted that it would still make alert noises from ring.

It would be great to automatically stop notifications if you (your phone) is present and at home (via gps or even when connected to the WiFi)

Plus maybe an option to not notify you if you are at home and or daylight for instance.

Hi @Ring,

returning to the original topic raised by @Craig, is there any way to snooze all motion alerts (Alarm PIR sensors and Cameras) to all devices (phones, tablets, chimes) quickly?

This option is requested even if only the main account holder can initiate this global snooze.


And no replies from Ring. This is close to being a deal breaker for us and cancelling.