Alarm delay not working

I entered the house today without disarming the alarm. The alarm went off immediately when I opened a door. This was shocking and disconcerting because the exit and entry delay timing setting is set at 60 seconds. I opened the Ring App, then selected Settings (Location). This panel has no Mode feature as expected. I then backed out to the Menu, then selected: What’s New. The Mode Settings feature is here in “What’s New.” The settings do indicate that both entry and exit delays are 60 seconds.

Something is not working properly. 1. The Mode Setting is missing from Settings, and the delays are set to zero, although this is not correct according to the initial setup some many months ago. Confusion and worry reigns. How do I fix this problem? The entry delay setting is not functioning as expected.

Also, I set the Chirp sound “ON” for a door when opened and closed, but the chirps only occur when the door is opened, not when closed.


Hi @FixMacs. I’m happy to try and clear things up here. As long as you are the owner of the Ring Alarm system and not a Shared User, you can adjust the Entry and Exit Delay by tapping the 3 lines in the top left-hand corner of the screen > tapping Settings > tapping Modes and then selecting which Mode you want to adjust the Entry and Exit Delay for. You will not see the Modes option if you are a Shared User on the alarm system, you must be the owner. Additionally, the Entry and Exit Delays only apply to Contact Sensors that are set as a Main Door. If the sensor is set as a Window or Secondary Door, the siren will trigger immediately. You can read more about the placement settings here. Additionally, there is not an option to have the Contact Sensors chirp when closed, only when they are opened. You can receive a push notification for open and close, but not a chirp. I hope this helps answer all of your questions. :slight_smile: