Alarm base station wifi

Hello! For some reason all of a sudden our alarm base station is only running in cellular backup. So I tried to reactive it by running on WiFi but it says that it is not finding any WiFi connections. I tested my WiFi and everything is running just fine and it even says that the ring alarm is connected to it. Can someone help figure out why it’s not connecting to WiFi on the ring app?

Thank you!

Exact same thing here. Any answers or fixes?!

Hi neighbors! Have you ensured that your Ring App and your phone’s OS are fully updated? Also, is the wifi light on the back of the Base Station lit up green, or is it yellow or red? If it’s green, that indicates that the Base Station is connected to the internet, while yellow or red indicate that it’s either on cellular backup or not connected to any network. If you have an ethernet cable within reach of your router, you can also try to connect it via ethernet cable to see if this changes anything as well.

Sometimes a basic reboot of the Base Station can resolve any connection concerns as well. To complete a basic reboot, you’ll want to take a paper clip or a pin and do a quick press and release of the Reset pinhole on the back of the Base Station. Do NOT hold this down for any length of time, as you do not want to factory reset your Base Station since it will remove all of the components connected to it. Only quickly press and release this button once. You can also reach out to our support team at one of the numbers available here and they can walk you through this step to ensure it’s done correctly.