Alarm an out building separately

I have an outbuilding I want to alarm independtly of my house. I have a security system with base station in my house. I would like to put a security system also in my out building but I want to be able to alarm it separately from the house.

I read elsewhere that it is possible to do but the out building would not have the feature to be proffesionally monitered. I am ok with that.

So what do I need to make the oubuilding work? Just buy another security kit with base station and put it in the out building and that base station is able to connect to the base station in the house? Then I can arm and disarm the out building seperatly but if the alarm is triggered in the out building Ring wont monitor it and make phone calls to police correct? But I will be able to see on the app that it has been triggered and I can make the phone calls?

Hey @IceSparky. Thanks for doing the research in the Community forum to know how this will work with Professional Monitoring. Once you have the new security kit, you will hook it up to the out building, and connect the Base Station to your wifi network, as this will not connect to the Base Station you already have.

You will also have to create a new location in the Ring app, as you can only have one Base Station per location, but you can have the location read the same if you would like, or put a Unit A in the address to know the difference between the two. If you’re able to connect the Base Station to your wifi network and then connect the Alarm devices to the Base Station, you’ll be all set and can toggle between the locations in the app to monitor both systems separately.