Aiphone C-ML intercom system help

Hello, I live in an older condo in NYC. The existing system is an aiphone c-ml intercom and a speaker/doorbell on the exterior. SOmeone rings that bell , it rings inside. we can talk back and forth, i can also hit a button that activates an electronic strike to buzz them into the door. I see many intercom related posts here but not really an e strike compatible instruction. Do you guys have a solution for me/? I was looking at the ring pro. and also saw the ring access controller pro, but dont know if this is what im looking for. any help would be appreciated

can anyone help?

Hey there, @funghi2! The Video Doorbells are not compatible with intercom systems due to their common use of DC power, or their unique wiring configuration. The Video Doorbell Pro requires 16v to 24v of AC power to operate. Our camera enabled devices all feature two way audio capabilities. If you are looking for a compatible chime kit, feel free to check out our chime compatibility list. :slight_smile:

In case someone else finds this thread and is in same boat this is my work around…

I have a simple intercom, bell and speaker outside, inside is head unit with speaker, push to talk button, and electric strike to release front door lock to let someone in. I wanted someone to ring the ring bell have it chime on my internal intercom then use the ring app to buzz them in remotely. This is not possible, at least not in a way i wanted to do it. There are pages online on how to install a relay into the circuit to do thismbut i didnt want the hassle. Anyway i installed a ring pro outside, when someone hits that, the ring chime pro i bought for inside rings. Im still able to use the strike release button on the intercom to let them in. In the event im not home, I also installed a Controller access pro from ring at the intercom inside my house. so someone rings the ring bell, i get the alert on my phone and im able to remotely let them into the building. hope this helps.


Hey @funghi2 ! Im also finding this a bit hard to do :frowning:
I purchased the Ring Doorbell 3, and I do not want to replace my current existing lock entirely but use an electric strike.

What electric strike did you use, and how is this connected to the Ring App in terms of opening the door for a visitor? Or do you use another app for this?

Appreciate any help! Have a nice Sunday!