Against discontinue rapid ring

Rapid ring is great and it’s quick. Even after the upgrades, the main app is still slow and clunky. Big vote against discontinuing rapid ring.


I agree. It’s a stupid decision. The main ring app is slow and sends duplicate notifications every single time. Moronic choice.

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The regular ring isn’t fine. It’s slow and clunky.

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Agree with everyone and the silent majority who don’t know how to express their outrage. Rapid ring solved so many of my problems and my family and friends. It is mush faster than ring from notification to video. Most of the time I do not need to go back in time. Plus rapid ring doesn’t ask if you want live view (yes I know this is a setting in the main app). I use the main ring app to configure or to research back in time events. Nothing more. It took me a while to find rapid ring. Most people didn’t know it was an option. I turned many of my friends on who thanked me profusely. So I get it, your usage data doesn’t support the cost of maintaining an additional app. Your leadership wants to reduce cost and simplify. Your data is wrong. You didn’t really market this rapid version. So I stumbled upon it looking for a more reliable way to view my live cameras. And yes, I have lodged tickets in the past about how inconsistent and bad the ring app has been. No solutions. Just the usual BS troubleshooting the basics.

PLEASE reconsider. I’ll maintain the app myself for free.

Rapid Ring worked just fine. I made the mistake of deleting it thinking the Ring app would alert the same…it doesn’t… i no longer get the motion alerts i can quickly respond to. yes i have checked my settings. yes it is the current version. If you’re going to delete an app that useful, at least make sure the features are included in the regular app…or just bring it back…