After upgrading to iOS 13.5 Live View no longer works

After updating my iPhone to the latest IOS 13.5 and 13.5.1 live view no longer works on the ring app. It keeps trying to activate but never activates. It was working on my iPad until I updated to 13.5.1 and now live view no longer works there either.

I have not seen this issue in a lot of forums so wondering if this has been a reported issue?



Hey @dwags24. Happy to look into this further for you! What Ring device(s) do you have that this is happening on? Could you please share a screenshot of the message you see in the app when trying to load the Live View? In addition, what is the RSSI for your Ring device(s)?

I have the same issue with my Ring after iOS upgrade: Q:My live view is not working, only got a “spinning wheel “ when start the function. Please advise.

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Q:My live view is not working, only got a “spinning wheel “ when start the function. Please advise.

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I have a ring video doorbell Pro, indoor cam, floodlight cam, and spotlight cam. This is not a signal issue. I have 3 wireless access points and the issue didn’t start until after I upgraded to iOS 13.5. My iPad didn’t have the issue until I finally decided to upgrade and the issue followed the iOS. This issue needs to be reported to the developers. I have an RSSI -40 through -46 on all devices. Please escalate to next level.

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Photo attached

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RSSI is green with value 58

RSSI -51 see attached picture

And to prove my theory I’m currently watching live video on an iPad with an older iOS version 13.4.1 the same live video will not appear on my iPad with the newer iOS version. I haven’t heard a response to this if it’s being fixed or not.

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Thank you neighbors! We’ve sent a note to our App team to take a look into this. @dwags24 - I really appreciate the comparision between your iPhone and iPad… great work!! Anything else not connecting on the iPhone – motion settings, device health, etc?

Oops, sorry @dwags24 – the differences between iPad’s not iPhone :slight_smile:

Everything else is working great…it’s just the live view that’s not working

Could I please have access to the beta app? From my understanding Live View works with this app.

I installed the beta app and the live view still wasn’t working. The issue with the live view was the cisco security app my company pushes out to our phones.

I do not get any notifications and can’t do live views since I upgrading my OS. I did remove from my phone and reinstall and it did not fix the issue. There is no purpose of me having this if it isn’t going to work. I also purchased another ring that is a security that can stick up and I have tried for weeks and had others and it will not link. There is no issue with wifi connection as the doorbell has perfect connection and this one I have been trying to set up right new to my wireless router. I am new to ring and I am not happy at this time. The amount of money I have spent I am feeling I should have purchased something else.

Did you ever figure this out? I am having the same issues

The live stream shows up after approximate 30 seconds. I haven’t been lucky to find any solutions either from Ring support who seems their customers are a burden when asking.

I did figure out if I am home and turn off wifi on my phone and just use cell service it appears to work fine