After installation the doorbell works - but after 2 min it's offline and white ring circles

My newly installed Video Doorbell Pro connects to the wifi router with strong signal. Everything works and it shoots video. Even the IR LEDs are working. But then after a pair of minutes the IR LEDs go Off and then the previously white dimmed circle lits up and starts circling. And in the app it says it’s not reachable anymore. I have rebooted and reinstalled (in the app) the Doorbell but the same issues shows up over and over…
Firmware is up to date the app says.

What can be wrong?


Hi there, @Stefan74! When checking your Doorbell Pro device health, there should be diagnostics for your power and wifi resources. As you mentioned the firmware being up to date, that’s a great sign that the after setup update worked as intended. I recommend checking power variables such as transformer rating and wire gauge, to ensure power is flowing efficiently. Resistance in voltage could cause behavior such as this. If power checks out, please ensure your Doorbell Pro is connected to your 2.4 Ghz network, rather than the 5Ghz. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: