Advice please

Hello - I am thinking about the StickUp Cam for outdoor use - I am trying gto find out what the cable length is. I need about 10m. Am I correct in assuming if I use the supplied cable, the 3m extension cable and the Pan/Tilt mount WITH Power adapter, I should be close?

I’m sure the info is there but darned if I can see it!

Thank you for your help


Hi @LordD. If you are going to use the Pan-Tilt Mount, you will only be able to use the Indoor/Outdoor Power Adapter. If you put the two cables together, you will have about 22 feet of cable to use. You can not add any more extensions to it. This adapter comes included with the Stick Up Cam Plug-In or with the Stick Up Cam Plug-In with Pan-Tilt. We have this Help Center article here on ideas for placement of our Ring devices. I hope this helps.