Advice on adding spotlight/floodlight cams

Hello! New to the community. We currently have the Ring Doorbell Pro and the base with contact sensors on all of the doors throughout our house. There have been recent break-ins all over our neighborhood and we’re thinking about adding a bit more security to the side of our house and back deck. I’ve looked into the spotlight and floodlight and it seems the floodlight is a lot brighter. The problem we have with the floodlight is there is no electrical outlet on the side of the house we need to add the floodlight to, so we’d have to hire an electrician to do that hardwiring work (any thoughts on ballpark cost for this?). So maybe the battery powered spotlight might be the best solution on that side of the house? My only concern with the spotlight is that it won’t be bright enough. As for the back deck, there is an existing light there next to our garage door, so my understanding is this would be a much simpler installation for the floodlight? I have been looking into the Ring spotlights and floodcams, and there are a number of products from the $49 spotlight only, to the spotlight cam at $199, to the most expensive floodlight cam. I’ve also seen suggestions of going with a stick up cam and a 3rd party motion activated floodlight. So it’s all a bit overwhelming. I’m hoping one of you fine folks might be able to suggest a solution for me and what products we should go with.

Welcome to the Community, @FloydW! Your observation of the difference between Spotlight Camera and Floodlight Camera light brightness is accurate. The Floodlight Camera is certainly our brightest Camera, in which the lights are attached to arms that can be adjusted. For dark areas extending over a large radius of your property, the Floodlight Camera might be the best option. As you mentioned, if there is not a junction box existing one will need to be installed via a licensed electrician.

For a more direct space needing illumination, such as a drive way, pathway, or porch, we see neighbors are able to cover all their lighting needs for the area using a Spotlight Camera. This product has a mount/ hardwired, a plug in, and a battery model available.

At Ring we pride ourselves in providing as many options as possible for smart home and monitoring solutions. While the Floodlight and Spotlight Cameras are great versatile devices, I recommend also looking into our line of Smart Lighting products. Smart Lighting is a great solution for adding artificial and automated lighting to areas, which can be used in the Ring app for custom schedules, light groups, and linked devices. While Smart Lighting devices might not solve your need for a camera in certain areas around your home, it’s a great option to be aware of when looking into other cameras. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: