Advanced Motion Detection

Hi All,

I’ll try to explain this as best as I can. Bit of background first.

I live in a end terrace cottage and over the past few years iv had bins thrown into my garden due to anti social behaviour. Neighbours putting their rubbish into my bin in turn my bin being rejected. Originally I had placed the camera in the centre of my door.

Due to its position no matter how high I put the settings it never captured anybody where the bins are located to the right hand side of the camera. Just so you can picture what I’m saying as you walk out of my home to the right is a wall and a public pathway. This is where many of my issues have been.

Bin day came and I recently had the same issue a neighbour putting rubbish into my bin and the bin being rejected. After long emails and copying in my councils pollution department (my grey bin went missing for two months and turned up in my garden, I had to leave rubbish in my home which wasn’t pleasant I didn’t want to spend £28 to replace this) copying in my local councillors and escalating the matter they agreed to provide me with a new green bin and take away the other one. The position of the camera and at its highest position didn’t even pick up the person who wheeled the bin back into my garden after it went missing for 2 months.

I came up with an idea to place the camera to the right hand side of my door with the backing plate that’s angled, so it records anyone tampering with my bin or throwing items into my garden. It’s worked really well but now as you can imagine it being a public pathway I’m getting too many notifications.

I thought that by using the Advanced Motion Detection settings I could flip/switch between Bin Day and Non Bin Day (that’s how I am naming my settings). As you can appreciate the amount of notifications I’m now getting. Also I don’t want to record people walking past and tampering with the bin unless it’s bin day.

Does anybody know if this is possible or as I seem to understand the three settings you can choose work together as supposed to you flip/switch the settings on a set day. Idea is to flip between the motion settings depending on when the bins will be taken.

I know I could go into it manually and adjust but this seems time consuming and long. So just wondering if there is a way that I can select those Advanced Motion Detection settings 1 2 & 3 but just selecting the one for when my bin is out and then when my bin is not out selecting the Detection for that.

I hope all of that makes sense.

Hi @user38512. There isn’t a way to have certain aspects or Advanced Motion Detection work on some days, and not work on others. One option would be to utilize Motion Schedules. You could set up a schedule for bin days or non bin days. Motion Schedule information can be found here. You can also try using Modes for Cameras, found here. I hope this helps.