Advanced motion detection fault

New update to advanced motion detection is doing more harm than good! Being able to select an area that triggers the motion is brilliant… but for it to stop when something isn’t moving within selects area is ridiculous. Even overriding the minimum 60 second timer i set. For example mine motion zone covers my drive but not the road… but still records the road… a group of teenagers were in the road by my house… one stepped into my driveway and tried my van door which triggered the recording… but when he stepped off my drive it stopped!! They stayed on the path trying cars which I wanted to see… I still want it to carry on recording on the minimum 60 second timer I set not stop the very second motion stops… motion zones are great for setting off recording… but motion stopping and stopping reordering shouldn’t over ride your chosen minimum reorder time.

PROBLEM: No alerts were coming when my front door opened from a distance of 20 feet after the Ring app upgraded to customizable motion zones. Before the upgrade, I had my ring in the corner of my studio apartment and I got alerts when the front door was opened and it showed a great view of the room. Plus it was connected to my solar panel in the window. SOLUTION: Turn OFF Mode settings and simply turn on Motion detection and Motion alerts when you leave the apt. You can also utilize Live View when you are out. Sometimes the updates don’t serve their intended purpose. I hope this helps anyone else with this issue.

Hi there, neighbors! As each home is different, the motion settings that work best will also vary by location. The best method to finding what motion settings work best for you is through trial and error. Disabling certain motion settings is a great call. Try disabling people only mode. Feel free to also check out our Community article for tips on using customizable motion zones. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: