ADT System compatibility with Ring retrofit kit

Q1. I am installing a ring alarm system and wonwering if I can use the retrofit kit to connect to my ADT alarm junctions which utilize wireless sensors.

Q2. My ADT system also includes ADT Pulse and I’m wondering if Ring can work with those devices (camera, range extender, door opener), none of which activate an alarm. They are ZWave devices but not sure if connection is proprietary to ADT.

Thanks in advance

Hi @dmelideo. With the Retrofit Kit, only wired contact sensor zones are compatible. This means that any third-party wireless sensors will not be compatible with the Retrofit Kit. Additionally, only Ring Cameras can be added to the Ring App, as third-party cameras or doorbells are not supported.

For more information on what wired contact sensor zones are compatible with the Retrofit Kit, you can take a look at this Help Center Article here. We also have a list of compatible third-party devices that work with Ring here. I hope that helps answer your questions! :slight_smile:

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Thank you

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