Adjusting Video Record Duration in Ring 2 Doorbell

I have followed the instructions on how to do this…however when I get to “Video Settings” page, there is no further tab or option that says “Video/Max Recording Length” as the instruction suggests.

All I see if HDR, Live View, and Tap Camera Preview for Live View. I have even tried clicking on all of these but at no point does it give me a duration adjustment option.

Anyone know how to correct this?

Thank you

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I have this issue as well

Hey neighbors! Could you try removing the Ring app from your phone, rebooting your phone, and then reinstalling the Ring app to see if this helps? Once reinstalled and logged back in, go into the Main Menu > Devices > Doorbell 2 > Device Settings > Video Settings, and you should see an option for adjusting the video recording length as shown at the bottom of this screenshot! If you do not, please let me know what phone you are running this on, what OS the phone has and a screen recording of you going to this setting in your app! If you get the recording, please compress the MP4 file into a ZIP file, as you can upload a ZIP attachment in your reply here but not a MP4.

Hi Chelsea, I followed the instructions you gave (thanks for the quick reply, by the way). I uninstalled it from my phone, restarted, and reinstalled it. Still no luck, I’m running it on a Galaxy S8 with Android 9. I wasn’t able to figure out how to record my screen to an mp4 on my phone but was able to connect my phone to my computer and create a gif of what I did. Let me know if that doesn’t work and I can try and do something to get the mp4.

@hesto2 Thank you so much for that gif capture and letting me know how your set up is! I appreciate you doing those troubleshooting steps as well. One question for you, as the OP is talking about a Ring Video Doorbell 2, do you have the Doorbell 2 or just the Ring Video Doorbell? After reviewing this Help Article here, it states that newer models of the Ring Video Doorbell have this feature at this time, so if you have an older model, this could be why!

I too followed this instruction and can see HDR, Live View, and Tap Camera Preview…but not the last box to adjust recording length. I believe this is a Ring 2 device. (I will have to double check) If it is not, will this option become available or will it never be offered?

I confirmed mine is a Ring 2. But no go on the record length adjust.

Hey neighbors! After checking with the appropriate teams, it looks like we were supposed to finish the rollout for these devices earlier this month, but it was pushed out to work out some fixes in the app first. Once these are addressed, we will continue the slow rollout. You may not see this feature at this time, and my apologizes for thinking you should! Make sure you keep your app up to date and your device online, as that way when the firmware is pushed to your device, you will get this update! :slight_smile: