Adjusting motion settings on Windows 10

I have Windows 10 app installed. How do I adjust the motion zones on Windows 10 app?

Good question, @rawmacias! The desktop, or Windows/ Mac, versions of the Ring app do not contain all of the options found in the mobile device Ring app. The intended Ring experience is to securely access the Ring app on your mobile device for utilizing many of these features. Similar to how setup is designed to only be done via mobile device, the configuration, integrations, and customizable features are best done through the Ring app on a compatible Android or IOS mobile device. The computer/ machine based Ring apps are best used for live video/ recordings access, and an extension of notifications. While you can change certain options in these apps, most settings are dedicated to the Ring app on mobile devices only. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I would say that if the Windows 10 and Mac apps are going to stay around then we need to have all of the features of the phone apps. As, unless I’m missing something, the Windows and Mac apps are purely viewers only and have no functions over this?


So , is Ring planning to add any more functionality to Windows 10 app in the near future? Or is this it?

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