Adjust settings for video playback control overlay on bottom of screen?

First post. Using the (Android) Ring app, playback of historical videos starts with an overlay of playback controls on the bottom of the screen for the first two seconds. The overlay covers approximately 25% of the captured video whenever it is present. I find that sometimes my Ring Doorbell 2 (or floodlights) is triggered by fleeting motion (wild animals) under these overlaid controls and they’ll disappear out of the frame by the time the controls disappear. Naturally, I’m curious about these visitors and have become frustrated by the overlay during this 2 second lead in. Beyond the initial two seconds, the overlay seems controllable (toggles with a screen press). However, the lead in seems locked in. Is there a method or a setting in the app that would allow me to see this masked area during these initial two seconds? If not, maybe it can be added as a feature request for a future release?


I see what you mean. If I look at the event history it does block out the bottom. I figured out a work around though. If you tap share and then choose the download icon, you can view it with Google Photos without seeing the bottom band. Also I was able to go to my live view and scroll back in the history without seeing the bar as well. My guess is that the Ring video player does that bar. It really should be clear so you can see it. Might be worth posting in it in the request section. Hope this helps for now.


Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve posted in the feature request thread. It should be an easy fix organically. However, if it’s a third party player, then it may be more difficult to get done.

Workarounds can be a pain. The workaround I have involves leaving the Ring app and clicking on a Chrome shortcut that I put on my homescreen. This takes me to the website, where I can look at the video history there with much less masking. Functional, but unnecessary.

It’s definitely the player they use. I’m sure they can fix it. From what I’ve seen so far, they do respond and acknowledge suggestions that have merit. Glad, you found your own work around. And like you stated, it would be great to not have to. Hopefully we see this change in a future update.