Adjust record time on computer

I lengthened the time of recording on my app, but how do I do it on my computer. I can’t find the motion setting information on my Mac.

Hi there, @Scarlett! When altering your Recording Length settings, this will take effect in the Ring app and on the Ring device. This means that the experience should be the same when viewing a video on a computer, web browser, or Ring app, as far as recording length goes. If you are noticing recordings are shorter when using your Mac device, there are times when motion verification might cause a video to be shorter, in which this setting can be altered, unless you are using the Customizable Motion Zones. Ultimately, any settings that impacts Ring device operation (recording), should result in the same experience regardless of the device being used to view the recording.

If recording or live video is not playing through or completely as compared to the mobile Ring app, please ensure there is not a vpn enabled on your Mac device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: