Adjust pre-record settings

Is there any way to adjust the pre-record settings on a stick up camera ? I would like to have a little more visibility when someone is entering my long driveway. Right now, I only see when they are 3/4 of the way up and wondered if it could be adjusted to capture more?

Hi @Quicklsip. The only way to adjust the field of view on our Ring devices would be to physically adjust the camera. This can be done while having the Live View pulled up and adjusting the Camera to best suite your needs. I hope this information helps!

I have the same problem and Ring wont do a simple thing, add into settings a pre-record time to 5-10-15-20-30 seconds before the motion is capture, this will allow slow internet speeds to capture items or persons coming into the view of the camera a few seconds before the person or object enters the field of view of the camera and it should have another post record time when the motion is inactive for more than 10 seconds, this will allowed having complete videos without stopping the recording on a middle of a robery accident or whatever the case may be Nexia home inteligence has this feature and is a company much older than ring