Adjust motion zones for spotlight cam (battery) and stick up cam (battery)

Hello Ring Community,

I am having an issue adjusting my motion zones in my ring app. I can no longer adjust the zones at all. It seems that my battery powered devices will not let me adjust the motion zones, but my wired devices (doorbell pro) will allow me to create a whole new zone. In the past I was able to adjust the zones, but now it seems since the newest UI update I cannot.

Is this something that is a bug or is this supposed to be this way?

Photo included.

Thank you.

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I read your post, so opened up the Ring app on my iPhone 6 to have a look at adjusting the motion zone for my stick up battery cam in the garden.

I can adjust the slider in step 2 of the motion zone setting, and it tells me that it will be applied, but when I check my zones the range has not changed. So, I agree with you.

Why is it that when trying to set (on my Android device) motion settings, when trying to set the range at which the device will detect motion, the app no longer show the range extending or retracting as the slider is moved back and forth? It works just fine with the Ring Video Doorbell but not the spotlight cams.

Hi neighbors! We have made recent changes to the app for certain battery powered devices as we gear to unify how all battery operated devices look in the app. At this time, the “Step one” section of setting up these zones and sensitivity will not reflect what sensitivity it is on. This is intended at this time. Therefore, if you put your sensitivity to the MIN on the “Step two” section, it will look no different on the first step then if it was set all the way to MAX.

Please continue to adjust your sensitivity as needed, going up if you have not enough events and down if you have too many events. Rest assured I have passed on this feedback to the appropriate team, but did want to make you all aware that this is correct in design at this time.

I just got a stickup cam battery, and I don’t even have the option to set a motion zone. I can do it on my video doorbell with no problem but the only thing I can do on my stickup cam is put in privacy zones. I thought Privacy Zones might be a way to limit motion detection, but it doesn’t really do that.

How do I configure motion zones for my new stickup cam? I’m running the app on iOS. From what I’ve read in other threads, I cannot do it from my Mac.

I used to be able to have wider zones but now at most (highest sensitivity) they only reach half the camera’s view. How can I change that??

Hey @Klek1617. Are you talking about adjusting the settings under Motion Zones in your Motion Settings for the Stick Up Cam Battery 3rd Generation? If so, please note that the blue arc will not move when you move the slider either to Min or Max.

No I’m referring to the ring spotlight exterior cam. I used to be able to adjust the motion zones and make them bigger. Now they barely reach half the screen on the max sensitivity level.

@Klek1617 I believe we are referencing the same thing, as this change has also been shown on the Spotlight Cam. Could you please provide a screenshot of what you are referencing, and even two screenshots, showing the lack of difference that you are describing?

Here are the screenshots. At max sensitivity level, the motion zones only reach half the screen. I need them to reach farther.

@Klek1617 Thank you for those screenshots. It looks like we are indeed referencing the same thing, but before I have stated that that was in reference to the Stick Up Cam 3rd Generation Motion Zone settings. Although, since the Stick Up Cam 3rd Gen is a battery operated device like the Spotlight Cam Battery, it will have similar motion settings. As the same goes for the 3rd Generation Stick Up Cam, please note that the blue arc will not move when you move the slider either to Min or Max. Even if you slide it all the way down, the arc will stay at that height. I recommend to ignore this blue arc, as it will not be an accurate measure of “how far” your device sees out. If you have it on Max, it will have the most sensitive motion sensing and see as far as up to 30 feet out with a proper installation.