Adjust focal point

Is it possible to change the focal point of the camera?
I have a use case where my video doorbell is on my back door underneath and 8 ft awning that keeps it in the shade, and even though I can see the back porch with perfect clarity that is not my goal, my goal is to see the backyard with clarity and unfortunately the shade changes the aperture which makes the backyard look washed out. I believe if I can change the focal point to the backyard then the camera will pick up the brightness and balance a clear picture where I can see the backyard.
Here is a recent video and I will upload a screenshot if possible.

Open to all solutions.

Thank you.

Ring cameras are fixed focus. The issue you have is the light and shade. I am not sure a Ring camera will have the dynamic range to compensate.

Hi @MrFreePress. If your Doorbell supports it, we have a feature you can use called HDR. It can sometimes help with improving image clarity during the daytime. This Help Center page has further information on HDR. I hope this helps.