Adjust Doorbell Lighting

I’ve had the Ring doorbell for years in a covered entryway, and only get decent video at night. How do I turn down the brightness of the daylight background that is nothing but a white glare?

Hey @plbgbiz! As every environment varies from one to another we try to provide various settings to ensure you can optimize your experience. With some variables being environmental, physical adjustments are sometimes necessary. While there are not settings to assist with direct sunlight, or an enclosed entryway, a wedge or corner kit might help to position the lens differently.

Mounting the device in an entirely different area or direction can also help with this scenario. Check out our wedge and corner kits specific to your model of Doorbell, here. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I sort of have the same problem. When motion is detected, the screen goes white for 1- 2 seconds. The Ring is set back about 4 feet so i have a narrow view of the street. I do get good video after the white out, but with the narrow view the car is almost out of view. Video is good all other times. I only get the whote flash when motion is detected.