Adhesive mounting - 3rd Gen Stick-Up Cam

I have a couple new 3rd generation battery stick-up cameras that I would like to mount outdoors without drilling into house siding. So far I have tried 3M Extreme outdoor mounting tape and Velcro Extreme outdoor strips, following directions for those carefully without success. The problem is that the wall mounting disc (the circular part that one would otherwise screw into the wall and on which the camera is hung) has a rear surface that seems to refuse to bond with even the “industrial” adhesive on these double sided tapes. The mounting tapes have no issue sticking to the siding, but I have had cameras separate from the tape and fall.

Does anyone know what adhesive, if any will bond with the rear surface of the wall mounting disc? I’m considering trying “Super Glue” or similar to fasten the surface to the back of the Velcro Extreme tape. Any thoughts?

Hi @jws! Our security cameras, such as the Stick Up Cam, are designed to be securely mounted with hardware for optimal operation, and to avoid theft when mounted outdoors. With that being said, we understand that not all environments allow this, and diy solutions might sometimes be needed. As you mentioned the Camera’s mounting surface not being adequate for adhesive mounting, try finding a surface material that will. Once you do, see if you can use the hardware to securely mount the Camera base to this piece of material (wood, plastic, etc), then stick that to your exterior wall.

Keep in mind, we do not advise altering or making any modifications to your Camera itself, and, although you seem to be using strong tape, please also consider the risk of the Camera falling. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I believe I’ve found a solution for this issue. I’m aware that this leaves the camera more easily subject to theft, but hopefully I’ll have a recording of the incident at least if that happens. :slight_smile:

My current solution uses the Velcro Extreme outdoor mounting tape. I have found that “Loctite Plastic Bonding System” appears to work to solidly bond the circular wall mounting disc to one of the sticky sides of the Velcro tape. This Loctite product is a two step solution that I found at Home Depot. The other side of the Velcro Extreme appears to adhere well to the house siding. When placed together, the system appears to easily support the weight of the camera (about 11 oz. with battery). So far I have 2 outdoor cameras mounted this way.

We usually get some heavy winds in the fall where I live, so if this method happens to fail I will post a follow up (and will have to get out the drill).


@jws does it work on metal?

If you are referring to attaching the Extreme Velcro to a metal surface, I believe it should work. I have read about users that use this material to attach car parts.


Thanks man.

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